While Slow Roll Cleveland has been around since 2014, and was the first Slow Roll after Detroit, it’s become a global phenomenon as well. Eight other cities now host official Slow Rolls of their own (along with countless imitators). Don’t be fooled, though; if it doesn’t have the Slow Roll name and logo, it’s not a Slow Roll!

Click on the links or logos below to visit our friends around the nation and globe, beginning with the original and still the biggest and greatest, Detroit:


Slow-Roll-Detroit-TM.pngSlow Roll Detroit



Slow-Roll-buffalo.pngSlow Roll Buffalo



Slow-Roll-Chicago.pngSlow Roll Chicago



static1.squarespace.png Slow Roll Washington DC



alvsjo.pngSlow Roll Alvsjo, Sweden



static1.squarespace.pngSlow Roll Malmo, Sweden



berlin.pngSlow Roll Berlin, Germany



jonkaping.pngSlow Roll Jonkoping, Sweden



slemani.pngSlow Roll Slemani, Iraq



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